Location of Braves original "favorites" Folder

Hello to Everyone !

I use the Brave Browser daily with many Links in Bookmarks and organize these in Bookmarks Manager. But, as in Windows 10, there is an original “favorites” Folder stored with physical-Links-files from Internet Explorer.

Where is Brave’s original “favorites” Folder on the C-Drive ???

I can in Bookmark Manager (…) select “export bookmarks” and save as a long Link.html - but - want the physical-Links-files from Brave copied (backup) into external SSD …

Thanks to Everyone who responds to this problem BECAUSE My Computer will soon break down …

Hello @TheSeventhOne
check this

but i recommended to use the export options as if they change the structure of the file then the exported file would still compatible and backup that exported file instead

hope that help and have a nice day

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