Where does Brave store bookmark folders while creating a bookmark

I am writing a program that clears out junk/useless data that Brave creates. I have hit a snag, however. I want to clear the bookmark folders that you can choose from while creating a bookmark. As you dabble with managing your bookmarks (rename, adjust folders they’re saved in, etc.), the folders you work in get appended to the option of where to save (“Folder” option) the new bookmark. Where is this data stored?

I want to do this programmatically; I don’t want to do via Brave itself. So, I’m just curious if anyone knows where the bookmark folders you can choose from while creating a bookmark are stored?


On Windows, the bookmark file I’m aware of is in JSON format and located at:

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Bookmarks

In Linux I don’t know, but you can try searching in a similar folder.

Thanks. I found a “Bookmark” file, but it doesn’t seem to store information pertaining to the bookmarking process (what I’m looking for). I’ve done a decent job looking though the installation, and can’t seem to find the right file. I’ll keep looking though.


I just created a new folder and pasted a bookmark inside it; I found this:

  1. The folder and the URL of the site are both included into the bookmarks file.
    2 I couldn’t find the folder I’ve created.

It looks like Brave extracts the folder’s name and the url from bookmarks. But this needs to be investigated more.

I looked at the bookmarks file, and it is easy enough to understand, except “encrypted” information. But I want to know how to prune the folders you have navigated to while browsing bookmarks via the settings from the create bookmark icon drop down.

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