List of 100% compatible antivirus with Brave

I’ve been testing a few Antivirus (AV) lately and can confirm that Brave doesn’t have full compatibility with at least 2 of the major AV of the market: bitdefender and kaspersky. I’ve heard from a frient that Norton may not work well too. The incompatibilities usually means lack of antipishing support, url advisors, secure browser for banking and other stuff…

Mobile Brave (android) usually doesn’t have real time protection too from those AV.

So i’d like to know if any of you know what AV on the market are actually 100% compatible with Brave for now, and what Brave is doing about that. We could make a list with those AV so people are aware of that. For example, i just realized Kaspersky doesn’t protect agaisnt pishing sites with Brave, after making some tests… I believe most people just don’t know that.

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