Fraction of total May BAT Tokens paid out

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I’m only receiving a small fraction of the total amount of BAT tokens I’ve earned for May 2022. This is the second month in a row this has happened. Does anyone know why this is happening?

I have been seeing this for the last few months, if not longer. I only ever get paid out a small fraction of the amount earned that month. The rest keeps accumulating in the next months earned balance. FOr example:
5 earned in April - 1 paid out,
May starts on balance of 4, builds up 5 more that month, 1 gets paid out of the 9 accumulated.
June starts on 9, and so forth…

I’ve heard reports of this being a known bug that they are resolving. But it has not been resolved in ages, and seems ongoing, like you mention above.
I am the same, due about 12 bat, and 0.141 scheduled to be paid!


Brave is aware of the problem and are working on it. Hopefully, this problem will be fixed by the time payouts are complete. Posted link to post by support staff in a similar issue below.


Yes, I saw this with other users in the past months, and now with me, for the second month in a row! For this last month, I will be receiving 1% of my earnings, only…

A complete disappointment with Brave. It seems that Brave Rewards is dying, not being able to deliver what it promised. I don’t even care anymore.


I have the same issue. Please fix brave rewards or stop offering them.

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