Leo keeps selecting Claude despite my settings

I’ve selected llama-70B in my settings but Brave keep choosing Claude for Leo. When I open new pages, they are set to Claude. When I ask from the URL bar, Leo is set to Claude. I tried restarting the browser, and also clearing Leo’s data from the settings and setting it up anew to use llama-70B.


Thanks for the report. Will make sure the team sees this along with your other feedback. Will respond when we have more information for you.


@Mattches is there a GitHub issue for this that I can watch? I see this but it’s not what I reported. My issue affects even new conversations. I’m kinda stuck with Claude as selected for every conversation.

That open issue does appear to be what you’re describing — can you tell me what the difference is?

The issue mentions:

Current behavior is that it only affects new tabs.

But for me it affects nothing at all. It keeps using Claude for everything regardless of what I select in that setting. I have to manually change it every time in the conversation for it to use llama.

FWIW, the latest update that added MIxtral, also fixed this issue for me.

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Thank you for confirming

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