Free version of Leo AI needs improvement

I was using the free version of Brave Leo (llama-2-13b-chat). So far, it can answer questions… that everybody knows. Sometimes it can’t even answer simple questions, like how it fails to answer questions about Brave’s interface.

I asked it, “how do I change Brave Browser’s theme from light to dark”. Here, it got so close to correctly answering my question. It just mistakes the three lines to three dots. But then, it just tells false information.

It tells me to use some third party extension, but doesn’t tell me how or where to download it. The AI also tells me I’M wrong, when in reality IT’s wrong.

… Why does it start copying me? Am I doing something wrong?
Talking with this AI is infuriating. It’s full of bugs. But, I hope to see an improvement in the future. I will say that it’s pretty cool to have a free AI in your browser. I just don’t want to pay for a better one at the moment.

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I agree. The original llama-2-13b-chat model scores only ~53 points on average in the Open LLM leaderboard. Please upgrade it to a better model, such as neural-chat-7b by Intel (~70 on avg.), mistral-7b-instruct by Mistral AI (~65 on avg.), or marcoroni-7b by AIDC AI-Business (~72 on avg.).