Launching Brave after an Update... windows do not re-open in the desktop that they were in on a Mac

On a Mac you can have different desktops open… when you have Brave windows organized in each desktop and relaunch Brave for an update they do not re-open in the desktops that you had them in… it’s quite frustrating as Safari, Chrome, Firefox all re-open in the correct desktop.

Is there any chance that you could fix this??

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I too find it super annoying.

When I restart the computer, macOS remembers on which virtual desktops the windows were open. But when updating Brave, all the windows are piled on the first virtual desktop, and I need to spend a minute moving them back to the correct desktops.

Restarting macOS when Brave shows “Relaunch Brave to finish updating” doesn’t update Brave, so that doesn’t work as a workaround either. :sob: