Launching Brave after an Update... windows do not re-open in the desktop that they were in on a Mac

On a Mac you can have different desktops open… when you have Brave windows organized in each desktop and relaunch Brave for an update they do not re-open in the desktops that you had them in… it’s quite frustrating as Safari, Chrome, Firefox all re-open in the correct desktop.

Is there any chance that you could fix this??


I too find it super annoying.

When I restart the computer, macOS remembers on which virtual desktops the windows were open. But when updating Brave, all the windows are piled on the first virtual desktop, and I need to spend a minute moving them back to the correct desktops.

Restarting macOS when Brave shows “Relaunch Brave to finish updating” doesn’t update Brave, so that doesn’t work as a workaround either. :sob:

Thirding this. If I relaunch brave, once I select my user profile after relaunching, all open windows are dumped into Desktop 1. I have to go through each, remember which desktop they were in, and move each accordingly.

Interestingly, if I Force Quit Brave, the windows do get placed into the original desktop they were located in.

I have the same problem. It’s just a huge hassle to move my windows to the right spaces after each browser update.

After so many years this issue has to be resolved. I don’t see that this would be difficult as other browsers like Firefox can do it for a long time.

Updating that as of the most recent version of Brave, Version 1.66.113, I am still experiencing this issue on MacOS.

Windows tend to go back to the right desktop after a Force Quit of Brave, but upon Relaunching Brave, such as after updates– all Brave windows open in one desktop, rather than their original location.

Issue persists after most recent Brave update- Version 1.66.115 Chromium: 125.0.6422.112 (Official Build).

Am also encountering a new window opened at launch with an empty tab for every existing open window. (e.g. if total 12 windows open at time of relaunching Brave, 24 windows will open at next launch; the 12 original windows, and 12 new windows with a single empty tab in each.)

It’s a shame nobody cares. I saw so many topics here which were auto closed and nothing happened. I’m considering switching to another browser.

Still occurring as of recent Brave update, Version 1.67.119 Chromium: 126.0.6478.114 (Official Build).

I tried testing if having an external display connected was causing the issue, since after relaunch it would at least put my external display Brave windows back to the external display, while everything else opened in Desktop 1 on my Macbook. Disconnecting my external display did not fix things however- all windows were dumped into Desktop 1 on my Macbook.