macOS: When windows reopened after quit/restart, respect Mission Control Spaces assignments

In macOS, users can choose to create multiple (up to 16) desktops, aka “Spaces,” using Mission Control. Each Brave window can exist in a different Space.

Users arrange their application windows windows, including Brave windows, across multiple Spaces to optimize/organize their workflows, e.g., by project, by research topic, etc.

Currently, when you need to Log Out or Restart, when Brave reopens later, all the Brave windows occupy a single Space, no matter what Space the user had originally assigned the window to.

SUGGESTION: Upon restarting Brave for any reason, when Brave windows reopen, have each Brave window open in the Space it occupied at the end of the previous session.

This would help the user and prevent her from having to re-assign each Brave window to its original Space.

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