Brave infected with malware

Last night I was able to use my computer just fine. Today when I try to go online, my Kaspersky says malware was removed. All of my Brave files have been deleted from the computer. I try to download Brave again, the 64-bit for Windows 7, and it says I have downloaded malware. Kaspersky is able to remove the malware which deletes the Brave files again. Any advice? I have been able to use it just fine for several weeks since it switched to the latest version.

This is a known issue with Kaspersky. We’ve been in communication with them - athough it’s been slow - to get Brave whitelisted on their end. For now, a Community member (@MediaBird) has a workaround to whitelist Brave locally so you can download/install Brave without issue. Link here:

That worked! Thank you. Is there a way to switch settings to manually update Brave instead of automatically, so I can “exit” Kaspersky when necessary?

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