Lack of a menu bar option

I have been a firefox user but was looking for a less resource intensive alternative. My first reaction to Brave browser was GREAT. My second reaction was that it’s not an option for me because of the lack of a menu bar. I know the Brave support answer to this question but I find it weird to say Brave is just like Chrome. Chrome is not a usable browser for me so to say Brave is just like Chrome automatically means that Brave will also not be a usable option for me. I don’t understand why Brave would want to limit the browsers use to only those people that like Chrome ? That would seem to make Brave a very niche browser product that will only ever be a subset of the Chrome users.

After trying the Brave browser and really liking a lot of things about the browser I created an account to give you this feed back on my thoughts and why I can’t use it.

brave build over the chrome open source code so some stuff get inherited from chrome but of course they removed the tracking inside chrome and add extra option like the ads blocking and reward system sync

i know that did not answer your question or suggestion

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