Key icon/password auto-fill bar constantly visible, cannot be removed

Upon the latest update Brave now displays an ‘auto-fill’ bar above the keyboard whenever any input area is selected. It’s large and there’s no setting I can find to remove it.

It happens when using the keyboard in any manner in Brave. It’s doing it right now, telling me I have no passwords available while type this post completely unrelated to logging into anything, taking up precious screen room.

Brave version: 1.42.94
Chromium version: 104.0.5112.81
My device: Oneplus 7t pro (Android 11)

So far I’ve: reinstalled brave, removed all password managers, reinstalled the keyboard, swapped the keyboard for a different one, turned off Brave saving passwords, turned off all items capable of auto-filling, and yet it still it shows.

This feature is horrible. Of no use and takes up valuable screen space. How can I turn this off.


Exactly, it’s awful. For now I’ve switched to Bromite until Brave turns off whatever flag they’ve set which permanently breaks this setting.

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