Keep losing address bar

really? where do you have rode it?

No, that’s just my guess

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Same issue. 1.38.109.

Brave is unusable for me.

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I’m glad it’s not just me

The only way I can use Brave is each time it happens to choose the “Exit” option from the menu and then when I re-start Brave it’s back to normal until it happens again.

Pretty frustrating

Same here with the latest version.

Its every time i open a new tab or i switch betweeen tabs. Basically, open the tab manager and the top bar never goes away until the app is quit (menu exit or app manager swipe up).

Its frustrating that i cant roll back to the previos version. Is there an eta for a fixed version? I know its a weekend, but thats probably when i use the brave the most.


Same here in France with this bull**it version, adresse bar totaly Invisible, not selectable either.

In my case, the issue is permanent, I have tried hard reboot but nothing fix the issue.

It is clearly a bug that only an app rollback can fix.

I’m running Android 11 on oneplus 6.

Brave is n’ont usable anymore as I cannot type search on New tabs, can’t copy URL of opened tabs, etc.

I confirm that if I maintain m’y finger on screen to swipe left or right but not release my finger, I Can see the URL bar, so the control exists but is masked.

When i release my swipe (switching tab or staying current tab, the url bar Gets masked again)

I thought I was going crazy. But it’s just the browser that’s crazy. Disappearing address bar! brilliant idea. Then the Grid view won’t matter anymore either, right? Just make it disappear! Doh!

I have the same issue. Android 12 on a OnePlus 9 Pro. The Browser is totally useless now.

Same here. Pixel 6 Pro and latest version of Brave, 1.38.109. Using tab button or swiping down on URL bar makes the URL bar not display the input and I can’t tap on it to enter something. Extremely frustrating.

Same issue, same Brave version, Android 11, OnePlus 7 Pro.

Hopefully it gets resolved soon, as it makes the browser nigh unusable.

Thanks so much for reporting everyone! We are looking into this now.

Can anyone share a screenshot of what this looks like when this happens on their end? Please and thank you.

it happens after you go to select a tab from the tab list.
if i kill brave, address bar works fine until i want to change tabs

Thank you for the screenshot — much appreciated!

Hopefully you can see this, I recorded it on the phone, but I’ll have to delete it later

any progress solving this issue? the browser is unusable. thanks

We have opened the following issue for review.

Appreciate everyone’s patience.


Can you add Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F/DS) to the list of the devices affected.
Do you need the OS build number?

On it — thank you for sharing

I’m experiencing the same issue on my Pixel 4XL.

A quick work-around…

Click on the three dots on the bottom right. Click on the Share icon. The browser will bring up a caption window on the bottom with the option to copy the link to the page you’re on.

I started using Chrome again and thought…f**k this, there has to be a hack to get me by. Sure enough.