Just lost all my earned BAT

Had over 30 BAT in my “estimated Pending Awards”
open the browser today, and it says zero.
This seems to be a thing that happens A LOT.
Kinda makes me not want to view your ads if I’m not getting my rewards.
Which kinda makes your browser worthless.

Did this just happen?
If you saw all those posts about that, you probably also saw that they mostly reappear after some time. It is just a displaying issue. Completely restart the browser and give it some time.
Make sure you are running the latest version.

If the problem does not resolve itself, also check if you have Auto-Contribute enabled.

(While you are aware about wallet safety, I would recommend you note down the recovery key and store it in a safe place. That way you can’t loose any BAT, once they have been moved to your wallet.)

I am running the latest version.

Auto-Contribute is disabled.

I have copied the recovery key.

If I use it to try and restore, I WILL lose all my ‘pending’ BAT awards, correct?

Dan Anderson


I just found this answer of a BAT Team member. So if you just restore the wallet in the same browser you should be fine, however I would not try it and I don’t think it would help.

Again, most of these cases resolve themselves. Meanwhile the BAT/Brave team is probably working on a solution for the unreliable pending rewards information.

As long as you didn’t cause any damage to the files associated to your BAT profile, I don’t think your rewards are lost. Just check the estimated rewards again after another restart of the browser or even your computer, and after some time has passed.

I also just figured out the same thing myself. I had my key stored and checked if was the same and it was then just opted to restore the same key and it worked.

just rebooted, opened Brave again, and voila! missing BAT has returned.

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