Just a Mockup [Material-ish Design]

Yep, it’s just a mockup, i’m in love with the current brave design as it’s minimalistic and whatnot, the blue outline/border is a slight downfall but otherwise, it’s nice. However i’d love a version of brave with a more Material Design inspired look, i tried Liri Browser in it’s early stages and the design is amazing but lacks in features, speed and such.

To summarize i’m thinking somewhat of a best of both worlds situation, mixing the design of Liri with Brave and keeping all the amazing features of Brave. I didn’t put a bunch of time in to the illustration and some parts such as tabs aren’t quite right when it comes to size but i’m hoping it shows the general idea i got well enough.



Hi there. your mockup looks promising. currently I’m moving the variables which defines color from LESS files into JS files. After that work is done, you’ll be able to define the color theme by yourself. I cannot promise the date when it’ll be available yet.

if you are interested in converting work, please have a look at https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/projects/7 where we are working on theme data conversion. best,

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