Idea! Change Browser Color!

Hello, I have an Idea!

I enjoy your browser and am glad im not limited to Firefox or Chrome.
Thank you and i hope you guys feel good about that.

So I have an idea as i was watching twitch,

You guys should include an option to maybe flip the browser color from white to darker grey, or maybe an option to change the color of the browser window somehow. When Im watching TWITCH in theater mode the screen is black basically and low light colors besides the actual BRAVE browser window which is somewhat annoying. I think if you had a switch that could go from the original color to a dark grey for night time watching or a color change option It would be a nice addition!

Love it all so far, thanks

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tl:dr; dark ui implementation is planned.

you’ll be able to create your own by setting up your theme.js inside the style folder.

I cannot promise the precise date but it’ll be available near in the future, after every variable inside the code regarding the color specification will be moved into the default theme.js.

we haven’t decided how to set up an option, still we’re moving forward to implement that.



Closing in favor of Night/Dark Mode