Jio Cinema Block Brave

Brave is not supported by, a streaming service in india. Is there any solution to this

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I don’t know if it depends on jiocinema or on brave, but this has really been an inconvenience.

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I think jio cinema has blocked Brave

Yes, this issue needs to be fixed.

Can you test the following in brave://adblock @MichaelStan

Add to custom filters, save and then reload jio.


it works. Can you tell me little bit more about this. I am curious.

Yep same problem, although the custom filter provided by @fanboynz did fix the issue. But please fix it by a proper update.

I’ll issue a fix later tonight to cover using the site.

Has the fix been implemented, @fanboynz? It still doesn’t seem to be working without the custom filter you provided.

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