January Payment not reveived

I started using Brave in the middle of November, I received payment for November on the 8th of December. But the payment for December is not credited till now. I have verified uphold account. Please respond to me. I was having around 2.5 BAT coins, otherwise, it will get wasted.

Waiting for your support.


Although I did use Brave in the year 2021, I started using Brave Rewards in November in Brave Wallet. I received the payout for November on December 7th. I was supposed to receive around 7 point-something BAT, but it was deducted by 1.000 BAT, which went to 6 point-something. That’s not all. My next payment date has moved to February 6th, and yet I have not received my payout for December. I need support, I’m not used to Brave.

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