It's been a month, I didn't receive any Brave ads notification ....what should I do?

Added recent screen shot for reference

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Hope this would help :-

As you recommend, I already using these settings form past year and everything works perfectly fine.
I checked everything but from 18th of August,2020 onwards I didn’t receive any further notification (brave ads) should I reset it or reinstall it.??

Did you tried vpn? It works.

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I don’t trust VPN services, because it’s leaks data and slow my internet connection in my opinion…and it’s time consuming too if I want to search some thing then I have to connect vpn first or if I ran vpn on background it will drain my battery plus data.

Get a good vpn like express vpn or nord vpn, i’m pretty sure they are safer.

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Ok I will try but if it’s works still it is a temporary solution.

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How expensive is this VPN?

it’s around 10 dollars a month but if you choose a year Subscription or something, its less cheaper. i have been using nord vpn for a year, i recommend it.

same here. no ads since one month. i really don’t understand

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