Referral rewards not yet confirmed

One of my friends started using the browser since August 21, 2020 (Installed with my referral link)

Yet i didn’t get any bonus for that respective user.

Probably it should be seen by now I believe.

BTW the user who installed browser is from Australia. So the bonus should comes under Group-2

Please check this asap. So that I can get them in the next payout.

Linked Email-Id:

@steeven @Aa-ron @Mattches

Can you check to see if it appear in July? We mark the confirmations under the date that they were downloaded at.

We use IPs to determine the region of install. If a users IP list isn’t in our dataset we mark it as Group 5.

Let me check and get back with you.

Hi @cory,

There isn’t any referral bonus I got in July.

My friend downloaded and installed in August.

Hey @cory, any update in this?

Maybe his friends lied to him about their wealth and that they live in Australia but in reality they are from poor tier 5 country

Dear @iSteal,

My friends are not such an idiots to lie here.

If you can’t help on this, please stay away from this post instead of talking like this.

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@HanKang I didn’t get what exactly you are trying to say pointing to that Group 5 in your comment.

Afsik, the 3 that you pointed are confirmed as my other friends installed and used in the month of Aug.

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