Issues with certain entertainment

I used to be able to watch The Walking Dead on Netflix, but now whenever I use the VPN to watch it (I’m from Australia), it comes up with “This is not available in your country,” even when I set to the American locations. And yes, I paid actual money for the VPN’s firewall protection. I even turned off the VPN and then turned it back on while in the Netflix browser. I also saw that it is available on Netflix when I searched for it using American locations. Please help!

@LAW not sure what to tell you. To quote a ChatGPT answer I ended up with while trying to look:

Netflix has implemented measures to detect and block VPN users in order to enforce its license agreements and prevent content piracy.

This is confirmed also through Netflix, which states:

This error can happen if a VPN is active on your device or network while using Netflix. To fix the problem, turn off your VPN and try Netflix again.

and they further go on:

While using Netflix through a VPN, we will only show you TV shows and movies we own worldwide, like Squid Game or Stranger Things.

I’m not sure that @GuardianTeam is able to say if they are doing anything to help prevent this detection and all. Though definitely have tagged them to see if they are able to help clarify this.

Of course, I should also ask you, @LAW, if you’re using Brave VPN or another service?

Currently, I am using only my MacBook Pro for browsing on Brave. I brought up an issue with accessing certain shows from the US, as last week I could watch them, but now the VPN doesn’t seem to affect regional entertainment options. Although the VPN works, I have tried turning it off on Netflix, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. The question of “why now?” is what’s bothering me, as it has only been this week that the different shows and entertainment from other regions are not accessible. Hopefully, this explanation makes sense. Thank you for trying to help me, though.

@LAW Well, it might just be that they updated and have the IP you were using as registered through a VPN and therefore blocked it. Websites and other places are constantly trying to find ways to control content.

I did ask if you are using Brave VPN or if you’re using a different VPN service. There’s plenty of places that you can use VPN for, so I just want to verify that. Overall though, I’m not going to have much of an answer. I’ll be hoping someone from Guardian might be able to answer. Beyond that, I doubt @fanboynz will have suggestions,. but I’ll tag him in case he might know of something you can consider, such as Shields settings or something.

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