Issues with balance sync and payment

I had been using Brave on 1 PC for a while, stopped using for a number of months and have recently started using it again. This wallet has around 35 BAT.

I have verified the wallet using Uphold, and logged in to the Uphold wallet on a second PC as well. However, the existing balance in the original PC’s wallet has not been transferred to Uphold and so cannot be seen from the second PC.

On top of this, the payments made this month were only made for ads seen on one of the PCs (which is used much less than the other PC). This balance of 0.25 BAT HAS been transferred to my Uphold account. However, the ~10 BAT pending on the other PC has just disappeared.

Please advise on any steps I could try to fix this. I have already unlinked and relinked the Brave wallet with Uphold on my original PC, but this didn’t fix the issue.

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