Some of my BAT disappeared when connecting and transferring to UPHOLD!

I am a BRAVE user since the middle of last year, on a Windows 10 device, and I have only paired an Android cell phone a few days ago, maybe 2 or 3 weeks.
The fact is that a few days ago, after claiming the rewards for the month of March, I decided to connect my verified UPHOLD account and transfer the BAT I had in BRAVE (approximately 8,875 almost 9, although there was a small amount in pending payments). But when I go to verify the transaction, UPHOLD only records 2.5 BAT (With 3 payment receipts in small amounts, 1.00, 0.25, 1.25) while in BRAVE it reflects 2.5 BAT of the linked UPHOLD account, as if the rest had been lost , so I try to verify what happened and suddenly I get a warning that the BRAVE REWARDS server is having problems (This at approximately 11:30 pm Argentina on April 5) so I thought that maybe the payments, so I didn’t worry. But now when I check again it still shows the same amount on both sites. I do not know if this is something common due to some UPHOLD commission, or if it is a failure, but it caught my attention because there is an amount of BAT that was left in “Limbo” which in the cases of accounts with larger amounts could mean a loss more significant than only 6,275 BAT (which is not so little money, at least for my country)

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