Funds from Brave wallet are not sent to uphold account

I have 2 PC with brave. I hade created a verified uphold account to transfert the BAT.
Did it on one PC on July 2. Was showing Account verified and 12,75 BAT.
Did the connection on the other PC on July 6. The first PC is showing 33,75 BAT in Brave but when I link to my uphold account and in the other PC I see only 21 BAT with activity only from july 6.
If I disconnect the account from PC 1 I still see the 12, 75 BAT but it seems I cannot transfert it to my account.

Did log an SR with uphold but they tell me this is on your side.

Read some SR here and found out about brave://rewards-internals and some ther stuff.

Can send that to you in private to help.

Thanks a lot


Looking at the log I have found out these lines that loops:
[06 juil. 2021, 5:08:24,5] Invalid request
[06 juil. 2021, 5:08:24,5] Failed to parse drain tokens response
[06 juil. 2021, 5:08:24,5] Claiming tokens failed

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