Issue with newsletter link

I’ve gotten a few links from, such as… (upn removed as it is very long)

In Apple Mail, it previews fine. When I click it, it appears in Brave as in the address bar.

Shields look like they’re off, page is white, and the animated circle icon just keeps spinning. It’s happened from similar links from this sender.

Anyone know why it’s not working?

edit: I copied the initial link and pasted it in brave. That worked. However, I filled out my information, and now I see ‘Loading’ in part of the page. Shields are up, but there are no trackers (all 0s).

Anyone know why that is?

I’m also getting infinite loading when I use the second link you shared – can you share the entire original link that you cut off?

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@Mattches, let me look into it, as I suspect it may have personal info in it.

I did find though when I copy, pasted, and tried it, it worked, and, when I clicked again from email, it it also worked. Seems it’s something from the first attempt.

Also, another issue. I had a draft, and when I clicked Reply, got stuck in a dialogue box that would not close:

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:point_up: That’s weird – did you have another Community tab open somewhere else? Sometimes replying to the same thread (or having it open) in different tabs can cause Discourse to act wonky. If you see this behavior again let me know and I’ll dig further into it.

If it has personal info I completely understand --if you want, you can set up an additional “test” feed for me to use, with “filler” RSS content. That way you can send the link without any personal data and I can test the behavior on my end.

I don’t know. I have a lot of windows and tabs open, I’m not sure if it was. That’s another issue, I’d like to sort and see how many tabs I have, but it seems Apple OS only shows info from the active tab, and if you click ‘Window’ I see a list of those in alphabetical order. But, I digress…

I’m not sure how that works… I get the link from a newsletter, and I’m sure they encode it in a token or something…I’d be open to it if it strips out or anonymizes the token.

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