NBC news email links not working

For at least a month links from NBC news emails have not been loading in the browser. This one is from today: https://nbcnews.app.link/3p?$3p=e_sailthru&$original_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fnews%2Fus-news%2Fboyfriend-ny-woman-was-gunned-wrong-driveway-recalls-final-moments-rcna80357%3Fcid%3Deml_nbn_20230419%26user_email%3Da915c0bd696918b795b87b555ffeebf75a241cf83a5476ac44d917d23893a575%26utm_campaign%3Dbreakingnews

When I click the link in the email it opens a Brave browser tab that look like the image included.

If I paste the link into a different browser it works fine.

Thank you!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I do see this issue as well, not only on Android but also on Desktop. However, the site does load properly in the Dev and Nightly builds of the browser, which likely means this issue will be fixed when the browser updates next.

I will ping one of our web compat. guys @fanboynz to take a look either way.

Thank you very much, I appreciate that!

We’re aware of it, and working on fix.


Fantastic news, thank you!

Just installed the Brave update. Cleared cache and tried an NBC email link. Same issue.

Not complaining, just updating the info. Thank you!

This is now working - thank you all!!!

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