ISSUE FIXED: Lost close to 400 BAT tokens

Ticket number 181720.

I had a balance for approximately 550 BAT. I had created an account with Upload but never checked the balance as it displayed on my browser. The Brave browser then suspended my monthly rewards until I signed in to upload and after I signed in my balance went from ~550 BAT to around 150 BAT. Sent a support ticket to brave a month ago and have received no response. Luckily I downloaded my Reward internals data from the browser because I do not see that option anymore. I would like someone to provide my missing BAT or inform me of the status of my ticket.

Only a Brave Support member can help in this scenario.
I’ll tag someone from support to look into this.
It might take a while till someone gets back to you since it’s weekend in the US now and team generally works only weekdays.
@Evan123 please assist. Thanks!

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Let me tag @SaltyBanana and @Evan123 to see if either of them can look into it for you. Sorry for the delay. I know you posted about 17 days ago it seems, but even I missed your topic. Btw, when you say no response, have you been checking your email (including Junk/Spam folders)? I’m assuming yes, but I wanted to ask. Been times people look and find they had a reply in their Junk and didn’t realize.

Hello - Taking a look at your case! Thanks for your patience on this matter.

Thanks, support has been in contact. I have been checking my spam but will continue to do so.

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Thank you to the team, support has corrected the issue.

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