Is there a known way to stop brave from showing websites which extensions you have enabled?

Hi I have been searching the internet for a bit and I cant seem so find a solid solution that does not involve stripping the browser of all its features. Is there a way in brave to disable the browser from showing websites which extensions the user has enabled? I know I am probably not using the right keywords in my searches but I feel like there should be an easy solution. I am really just looking for a yes or no here at least so I know if I should keep searching or try something else.

Hello, i do not really understand. Would you mind explaining it to me or showing me a picture of what you mean? Thank you!

You can control site access to extensions in the Extensions menu:

  1. In Brave, go to Menu --> Extensions
  2. Find the extension in question and click Details
  3. Scroll down to the Site access section and adjust the setting to the desired effect
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