2 different instances of Brave

My first version, when I open is “normal” with my extensions intact. When I open the 3 lines, customise and control Brave I can see “Extensions” in drop down list. If I open Brave from a hyperlink, in an email, it opens a different version of Brave, without my extensions. In the customise dropdown, there is no option for extensions. I cant find any way to turn on extensions in the second instance.
Any help is appreciated

It seems that when I set Brave as default browser, any hyperlinks in email send me to https://community.brave.com/, where my extensions dont exist. This has a line under the toolbar saying, your browser is unsupported , switch to a supported browser. Is my version of Brave been hacked?

Hello @drifter12, thanks for sharing this with us. Have you tried by disabling all your extensions on the original instance and retest.

Or you can try by going to brave://settings/shields/filters/ Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List then on filters list, search and check on the boxes corresponding to the ones mentioned previously. Hope it helps. Regards.