Is Password search not available anymore?

For Passwords, there used to be a search bar where you could type in a word and it would generate a list of websites that had that name inside of it.

Going to Passwords, there is now only a very long alphabetical list of websites.

Is this feature now gone (maybe from a recent update)?

It was very useful as many banks and other financial institutions don’t always have their proper name as the first part of their login website.

@Unajet it’s still there. You just are assuming a bit different, becase I did as well.

What you see when you go there is like below, right?

Click the search glass on the top right and it turns into Search Passwords on the left side:


From there you’d type and search through like we used to in the past.

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Thanks, that does work. They changed the way it looked so I though they had fully removed it. That search has always been there, so I didn’t consider it for this page.

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Glad to know it’s fine for you. Like I said, I was almost under the same assumption as you but I just am the type to get curious and click on random things “just in case.” That’s how I figured it out. Otherwise you’d think it would be the normal “search through settings” type of thing. (^_^)

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