Windows 7 Brave Browser New Tab Ads

A couple/few months ago Windows 7 stopped sending Ad Pop Ups. This was explained to me by @Mattches at the time… In the past few days I now noticed New Tab Ads are not contributing to Ads received this month or generating Earnings. I am still seeing the New Tab Ads though… Were there any changes with the last browser update for Windows 7 that stopped New Tab Ads from counting as Earnings?

No — you’re likely just hitting your limit for how much you can earn per day.

ok… ill keep an eye one it… just a note though, it has been stuck on the same ad number and bat number for a few days now… so the limit would not be day based in this case… maybe multiple day based?

I have the same issue, for three days now Its showing ads on new tab but no tokens received…

@Mattches i think something is up with windows 7… earnings and ads received this month are still the same since this post was originated. it is running the latest version, im guessing. there are no updates available. ive restarted browser, cleared cache, rebooted… still the same.

Version is 1.36.112.

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

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