Is there any way to prevent bookmarks from showing up in the brave search bar?

This is really annoying because I have well over 300 bookmarks and the top results in the autofill suggestions of the search bar at the top ends up almost always being a bookmark. On the topic of bookmarks, could the devs look into Samsung Internet’s bookmark system? It’s far more intuitive and works similarly to a file manager in that you can select and move folders and bookmarks without much effort compared to brave.

Also, closing tabs on the latest mobile beta seems to be very laggy,

Yes. You can change this in your settings. I cannot give you detail, just know that it is there. It is not hidden.

I turned mine off.

I know it’s possible to turn off autocomplete but that’s not what i want. I only want to hide bookmarks from the autocomplete.

I would try going to brave://flags page and searching for the #omnibox-short-bookmark-suggestions flag and setting this option to Disabled and see if the browser still suggests bookmarks entries in the address bar.

Hi, it still does after disabling this.

I’ll do some more research but I’m not sure there is a way to do this at this time.

Hi, the reason you aren’t getting Facebook in your search bar is because you have autocomplete turned off entirely (see your third picture). I want to have autocomplete turned on, but there’s no way for me to do so without Brave automatically suggesting my bookmarks.

Fair enough.

@Mattches is browser support admin. Maybe he will assist.

I don’t know why I said you may have found a bug. Lol. You’re still seeking a solution.


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