Is it possible for Brave to appear as Firefox thru anti-fingerprinting tech?

Gmail device activity lists “Firefox” as browser used to access email. Since I don’t use that browser, I’m wondering whether it’s possible for Brave to have scrambled its fingerprint, with the result that it appeared to Gmail as Firefox.

I’ve tried to reproduce the phenomenon on macOS with Brave and checking the Gmail device history, but “Chrome” appears under those conditions.

I’m using iOS 13.3.1. Brave version 1.15 (

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From the user-agent @Halicarnassus.

Brave on iOS is using Firefox UA to hide it’s users. Chrome UA is used for desktop and Android version.

So sites will think (when asked) you’re using Firefox/Chrome.

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Correction to what @eljuno said:

Since Brave iOS 1.15 we switched to using Safari UA, so all websites and services should now act like on regular safari browser

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