GMAIL does not support Brave

I have set Brave to be my default browser. I have been wondering why my Mac operating system seems to ignore Brave as default browser. For months, I have been getting a notification in upper right of screen asking for my password for my GMAIL email address – then when I try to input the password, it asks for permission to open Safari. There is no way to instead access Brave. I usually ignore that upper right notification. Also sometimes accessing a website instead opens Google Chrome. Today, I did a concerted attempt to remedy that from GMAIL help. Their help listed the browsers that they support – Brave is not one of them. I deduce that the reason they keep insisting on instead access Safari is because they don’t support Brave while Safari is the Apple browser. Do you know any way around that problem? I switched to Brave from Google Chrome, because Chrome had a problem.

Brave is considered as “Chrome”, so it is supported.