Is brave talk meet hippa standards

does brave talk meet hippa standards. wondering about confidentiality

I guess. Not sure. But its pretty confidential. @aman_m
@saoiray @rodrige @saltybanana might be able to share more details

Interesting. I read that Zoom is. Maybe someone from Brave’s team can give more info.

  1. It’s HIPAA, not Hippa.

  2. It’s a gray area. Overall, I’d say it doesn’t meet HIPAA if you want to really split hairs.

If nothing else, the major reason why it wouldn’t fall under HIPAA is HIPAA compliant video conferencing should contain password controls

To my knowledge, this does not exist within Brave Talk. It works by generating a link you share with someone. (I could be wrong on that, just saying based on my experiences so far there’s not been password restricted access)

Beyond that though, it treats any place that hosts files and information as a business associate. So a company needs to have Business Associate Agreements, which I have not seen with Brave yet.

All of that said, I’m not sure if perhaps @sampson or @fmarier might have anything to say on that matter.

What I will say though is that I’m not sure why you’re asking, but when it comes to these things, you likely should be reaching out to HHS or your Human Resources for information.

In the meanwhile, I’ll leave you off with the resources below:

With thanks to all who responded

Brave Talk does have the ability to set a passcode. If you open the Security options:

you’ll be able to set a passcode here:


@fmarier Good to know, guess I need to explore more in it. Though would be nice if we could have a more detailed guide somewhere of what Brave Talk can do.

That said, you know if there’s anyone from Brave that can dive into the legalize so-to-speak and know where it does fall in terms of HIPAA? I know it seems borderline and perhaps would meet standards, but not quite sure about things like BAA and all.

We’ve not looked into what would required to be certified HIPAA-compliant. It might already satisfy the technical requirements, I’m not sure. That’s something we’d need to dig into to know for sure and perhaps get advice from an expert.


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