(iOS) The song names in my playlist are mixed up

Made a Reddit post about this a few days ago but no responses
I don’t know why or how to fix this but the recent videos in my playlist are mixed up. As you can see in the photo the Song has its name mixed up with the one above it, and I have the same issue with like my 20 most recent videos. Some are just swapped with 2 videos, others can be mixed up with multiple songs far away from each other in the playlist. How do I fix this? Also how do I force it to download the thumbnails? Thanks

I have the same problem, When I move the Songs (up and down).
For me I could always solve it by restarting the Phone (switch off and power on again).

But I must say the Playlist is quite laggy.
Hope this helps

Restarting didn’t work, but I did find a solution. Deleting offline data and reinstalling everything fixed it. I guess the names get cleared when you delete it so it fixes it or something. Though, I don’t have any thumbnails installed, and it appears they won’t reinstall, how can I fix this? Also is there a way to put the playlist on shuffle? Thanks

In my playlist the Thumbnails also dont work. But that already from the beginning (since Playlist exists). If anyone has any Solutions. Please comment!

I dont think there is a way in the curent Version (1.57.2)to shuffle a playlist. For that you would need a new Ticket. (I think I will make one and Post the Link here)

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