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What is wrong with the playlist? Ever since I updated the app due to that supposedly “playlist improvement” it went from a 9 performance to like a f*cking 2. Also I updated because I had a bug that whenever I scrolled down through my playlist it’d freeze for a bit and then crash. Probably because of too many videos but not only when updating the app got literally worse but also the issue STILL STANDS.

Basically what I’m experiencing is: autoplay feature (it needs to autoplay the video that will be next in the playlist instead of me manually tapping the “replay” button), downloading, consists in literally trying to download a video but it just won’t download anything, and the thing is I need to download because this update ALSO deleted my previous downloads. So the videos thankfully are there but I need to download them all again, and I cannot do with some because they are unavailable from the streaming service, so thanks for that!
And yeah also when trying to delete a video it won’t just do it, like it won’t delete the video. I’m probably missing another thing but not able to look at it right now.

How come there is no update resolving the issue, like am I the only one that’s currently experiencing it?

So much of this “playlist improvement”.

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Literally it always happens

Expected result: Not to bug out? To download correctly, to autoplay the videos whenever I tap them or when they’re in the queue

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.49

Mobile Device details iOS 15.6.1, iPhone 13

Additional Information:

I’m having issues with the playlist too. It says the video is saved but it’s only 5mb and when I try to play it, there’s no audio and the video is blurry.

Does it happen with the 1.49.1 version? Cause I haven’t updated my app yet and I’m afraid it will bug out even worse to me

it worked fine until about a week ago. I didn’t knownI had it on automatic updates :frowning:
Really sucky bc I work where there’s no WiFi and I listen to podcasts & music. It works fine on YT but not Rumble. Yes this is the 1.49.1 version. How can I downgrade?

Damn that’s bad :confused: unfortunately you cannot downgrade (I would’ve done the same if I could), so if I were you I would look out for a new video downloader; although I also think my iOS version has something to do with it as I see it is only happening to a few of us, but I’m not sure

Is it happening to you too?

Thankfully not, only the thing that I reported in my current post because I haven’t updated since

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Hey so I don’t know if this will work but I’m having an issue about the video I’m trying to download; so basically it is downloading like an mp3 file with only 7KB in it, with a weird sound when I play it that only lasts 1 second.

But when I tried holding down the video (such as in trying to save an image, a long press tap, and also in my case it’s a YouTube video), it will pop up a menu asking if you wanna add it to the brave’s playlist, and so it happens that it will save normally! So yeah if you have that podcast downloaded you would need to delete it from the main source (let’s say youtube, and from there you click that green icon playlist) and then press remove and do the steps I said above. Hope this helps!

I will try that!

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