iOS Notification popup, will not go away

This started happening the other day, on this site only ( )
No matter what I do to click any of the options, nothing works. I turned the Shields off thinking I could then be able to click one of them, and then turn Shields back on.
This does not pop up with shields down.

Very Frustrating.
(I created the topic the other day, saw there was an update to Brave and it went away after updating. Deleted the post, then it came back again)

Does this happen to you in Safari iOS?
This is websites popup, not something we can really control, unless it is some kind of shields bug

nope, only in Brave.
It’s a popup, shields down it goes away. It’s only shown up the last week or so, the EXACT same situation was going on with Android and other push notifications on websites before. (I read a bunch of similar threads, all the exact same thing as this, just on iOS now)

Only on iOS, only in Brave with shields up, never shows up on Mac.

So I have an old Android device, just installed Brave, exact same settings… same screen comes up, click a choice and it goes away.

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