Stop popup "X+ trackers and ads blocked on this page. Brave Shields protects your online privacy on every site"

How do I stop the little popup - white text on a blue background - “X+ trackers and ads blocked on this page. Brave Shields protects your online privacy on every site”? It appears over the little Brave icon.

It appears on a new site I load on my iPad. It takes about 10 seconds to go away and I have to press it to get rid of it.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v 1.23.1

Mobile Device details
iPad Air

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The “X trackers & ads blocked on this page” popup is very annoying!
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Please, give us an option to disable this!

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@Sapador @keelyw,
I have other reports of users seeing this. This pop-up should not be appearing after the first time you see it. I’m discussing the issue with the iOS team presently and should have more information soon.


Yep - that’s it - thanks for the screenshot!

How do I turn off the pop up message from the Brave icon every time I go to a site? Every time I start Brave and go to, say, youtube I see this dumb message. I don’t need to be continually reminded that brave is doing blocking.

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Hi @lampajoo there is another active thread discussing this very issue.

Maybe drop a post there, to catch Support’s eye quicker.

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I went ahead and merged the threads together.
After speaking with iOS team, there is a potential fix for this coming in the next update (v1.24x). If the issue persists after the update, we’ll have to do some additional troubleshooting.


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