Installation problem on MacBook Air

Description of the issue:
After installing Brave, it is not possible to launch the browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Download Brave on the homepage
  2. Install Brave
  3. Try to launch Brave

Expected result:
The application fails to launch and an error message appears: “Brave Browser quit unexpectedly.”

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:


Can you confirm some things for me?

  1. What version of macOS are you using, and does your mac have an Intel or an Apple M1 chip?
  2. Where did you download Brave from?
  3. When did you last install Brave?

Hi !

  1. The version of MacOs is Big Sur 11.3.1. I will go to 11.4 tonight. It’s an Intel chip.

  2. I downloaded Brave from the home page of the website (

  3. My last test was this morning. But I had already tried using Brave a year ago but faced the same problem. I had already left a message on these forums but no response (New installation on Mac OS Catalina crashes on launch - #5 by hnktong)

Is this the same installation you had from last year, or did you download a new one and install it recently? If it is, go to and download the installer.

Also, do you have an antivirus software installed? There have been issues with antivirus software preventing people from opening Brave in the past.

I downloaded a new version of Brave this morning and it still doesn’t work. This is not the same version as a year ago.

I don’t have any antivirus software.

You might have to do a complete wipe of Brave from you mac for it to work. Uninstall Brave, delete any residual files from the system, then redownload the installer.

I did a complete cleaning of Brave on my mac and then I reinstalled it … IT WORKS!

Thanks a lot for your help !


Glad to hear it worked out. Have a good day.