Instagram Upload not working properly with Brave on Mac OS

I had some issues with my new Mac (M2, Ventura ) with Insta…

I moved the file to the drag-n-drop area. And it seemed to be working.
But when I clicked on “next” to enter the description. All the Images where gone… Just a blank area was displayed… But I was able to send the post.

I had to use Safari (Google Chrome works as well).

I have checked my recent Insta posts and found one where that already happend :scream:

There it affected only at the last image of the post (and I didn’t noticed :angry:) . This was uploaded on an older Mac (Macbook pro 2012 with Catalina 10.12).

Regards, Dave

Could you try in a private window /new profile (create one by clicking on the Hamburger Menu near the URL bar).
If it works there, most probably some extension(s) or bad cookies interfering. Disable extensions and clear cookies.

No luck! Same problem…

Hmm. Could you try installing Brave Beta / Nightly and try the same there ?