India is Back as Supported Region for Brave Rewards in Nightly (now in Release)!

Does this work on brave android app because it’s not working for me. Even after reset

@cash0maker Android updates are slower. The v1.58 is not yet live in Release on PlayStore. It might take a few days. You can connect ZebPay in Android on Beta or Nightly though.

@SmartyAadi kyc complete.Still cannot connect to the account same issue continue button doesn’t work and surprisingly when I copy paste the link in chrome , it works and otp is received

Weird. Could you reset the profile and try again?

tried resetting the profile twice and same thing

@MURALIDHARAN21 Can you try with shields off? Also, can you try to login directly on ZebPay site and not from within Brave Rewards and see if it works? Try clearing cookies and site data as well.

And what’s your OS and Brave version, first three heads on brave://version/?

yea tried all the steps @Aman_M.Nothing worked looks so weird.

@MURALIDHARAN21 May be create a new topic, provide all the details especially browser and OS version and tag someone from the support team.

Also, can you try to login to ZebPay in a private window as well and see if it works?

it is the same @Aman_M basically it doesn’t work on brave and it works perfectly on chrome.Version 1.58.124 Chromium: 117.0.5938.62 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hey. Could you create a new profile ? I mean a totally new profile altogether and try ?
Just gonna be to determine what could be the issue

Can we connect one zebpay account to all 3 versions of brave ? Release, beta and nightly ? Have you tried it

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@Kay146 yes. you can link any instance of Brave to it.


the next brave payout is on 7th October for Creators.
The sunset of vBAT is 31st Oct.
is there any announcement for when Zebpay will be added to Brave Creators?

Creators who are from India had got their last payout when Gemini and Uphold had stopped supporting India, they did do a last payout for the preceding month though just to make sure that evey creator who had earned BATs would get it.
Since then, Indian creators aren’t even able to receive BATs (you’ll get so how is the deadline of vBAT gonna affect them ?
You’ll get such a notice when trying to tip a creator from an unsupported region which doesn’t even allow you to tip them.

There are exceptions ig like this one

I guess there are always is. And if I’m not wrong, these too will expire with the vBAT deadline on 31st Oct. But don’t fret, if first ZebPay payout go smoothly next month, considering it would involve vBAT payouts then that would be a first. Otherwise they might have to extend the deadline if they couldn’t resolve in time.

Also, you can always raise a ticket with support, sometimes they do payout on-chain! As for me, I wouldn’t mind if I have to let some vBATs go, personally. They have given Brave a lot of pain, all along in the past.