My Reward have a Bat missing?

Hello i want to ask why the Bat in publisher dashboard is not give all to uphold last month? Example i have 14bat but i receive 9bat only in my uphold acount?

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@TheFLip666 payout is for contribution that you received from 1st-31th of previous. Contribution that you received after that period will be paid next month.

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Me too. I have earned 112 bat last May 1-30, and only receive 13 bat today, as if they will only send you random amount, no basis at all. Effort on inviting other ppl just put into waste.


Es cierto yo necesitaba el dinero y no me dieron mi pago injusto eso lo necesitaba para ya ayudenme

@Jeffbacc did you have multiple channels/sites? Payout for each channel will be sent separately. Also another batch for referral program.

About referral sir why i have 5download but 3install what is that? I refer my friend all is download and install but only 3 install i see in my dashboard

Why funny? What did you mean man?

I see sir… From now on i have a 14bat on progress… For this time i receive this is all complete?


Confirm my references from May 1 to May 31 and today I have not paid my effort for UpHold. I want to know what’s happening, I want them to pay me.

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What if sir the token is already tip other person and i dont have token right now for monthly contribute? Its ok to tip early my grant token to my supportive site?

When they pay the reference lot for this month of June

I’m having this problem too.

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