Incognito brand consistency flag deprecated - Damn purple theme is back!

I previously had a (now closed) thread about the enforced purple colour in incognito mode. The thread can be found here…

The solution was to disable the “Enable Incognito brand consistency in desktop” flag in brave://flags

Now in the latest version - V1.37.109 this flag has seemingly been removed and we’re once again back to the ridiculous purple incognito theme.

I can’t find anything in the release notes about this flag being deprecated and can’t find any way of changing the incognito theme.

Can anyone advise on this or is it back to Firefox & Chromium again?

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I see the “ Enable Incognito brand consistency in desktop ” flag is still not available in the latest V1.37.111 version.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the purple colour in incognito mode? It’s ridiculous that this has been deprecated in a modern browser.

I have the same issue. it’s really annoying

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I’ve started using Firefox again.

I exclusively use browsers in private/incognito mode and that purple is a deal breaker.

Ya whats up with this? I want to use Private mode all the time but I just can’t because I cant distinguish the tabs. Hard to understand why the Brave team finds this to be so unsolvable. If you must have a hard coded default theme then at least apply a sensible contrast to the theme.

Also why cant I have a setting where I automatically open with new private window? Just like Safari does.

This is all making me very frustrated with Brave.

This thread is tagged Linux, but it is the same on windows.

It’s a Chrome thing not a Brave thing.

Im an LSU fan so bring on the purple :wink: however, I can see where some might find this an issue. Please create a new topic, with the proper category, AND fill in all of the bold questions with the pertinent information. This is the best way to get support staff and the community to get you the correct information.

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You can append -incognito to your start up shortcut to automatically open in a private window. This screenshot is for linux but it works in any OS


Sorry - I tagged my original post as linux as I don’t use Windows and thought it might be related to GTK+

I did that with the original post which is quoted. TBH right now I don’t really care any more. I’ve binned Brave.

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