Improving Expanded Vertical Tabs

Right now there are 2 options for expanding vertical tabs. Either you use the “expand on mouseover” option or you use the “Expand Tabs” button. The problem with the “expand Tabs” button is that it effects every open window and resizes the content to fit the new window size. When using “expand on mouseover” this is not an issue, but I don’t need the vertical tabs to expand every time I change tabs.
My feature request is for a 3rd option that is kind of an in-between of what we have now. Have a button that expands the vertical tabs but only in the current tab and cover the page content instead of displace it, like how it works with “expand on mouseover” enabled. Once clicking on a tab you should be switched there and the vertical tabs should be automatically re-collapse.
This is a great in-between for people who don’t need the vertical tabs constantly expanding but will make expanding them a much more pleasant experience when they need to do so while also not using extra resources to needlessly resize pages.

How is this not voted to the moon? This is such an obvious and sorely missing feature. It almost makes me want to go back to Edge