Improvements for download bar

Because I’ve already read some posts here about the thickness and the missing ability to hide it (the general behavior of this bar partly annoys me myself), maybe it’s time to rethink it.

Current state:

  • Big & clunky
  • You have to close it manually
  • You can’t deactivate it
  • Doesn’t have any useful purpose except showing that something is downloading

Ideas of improvement:

a) Make it smaller or enable the option to hide it completely or
b) (as in better)
Wouldn’t it be a good idea if this download bar could serve as a kind of tray to which you can drag all the objects you want to download while browsing? Related to the particular tab or window you are working in.

You could then download all the things in one rush. Or staggered. That would first be intuitive and secondly, the current big size of this bar would also have a purpose.

Source of idea:

A little tool for macOS called Dropover.

Ya it is a necessary feature and should be implemented soon in Brave.