Improvements for browser history search filtering and/or contextual results for specific dates

My suggestions are all sort of related to “brave://history/” and “brave://settings/”:

  1. Advanced filtering: The ability to search or filter by date in the browser history search bar or through a drop-down menu. Similar to Brave Community’s search filtering, where there is date filtering with before and after options.
  • If it can’t be done in a drop-down menu, then shortcuts that can be entered into the history search bar. For example, **d:**DD/MM/YYYY.
  1. The ability to group browser history by date, so it is easier to scroll back to a specific month or day. An accordion or file structure toggle view would be ideal. I believe Safari does this date grouping.

  2. The ability to delete history, cookies, and cache on a specific date or date range in the Clear Browser History section instead of just five options we are presented with (last hour, last 24 hours, etc.).

  • I know you can go to “brave://settings/content/all” and clear cookies site by site, but adding by date would really go a long way. Rather than logging back into everything, because you have to clear all the cache/cookies.
  1. An “Open Selected Tabs” button next to the delete button in the browser search history. See the very rough example:

  2. Contextual browser search. A little hard for me to describe: But you know, when you are trying to remember a website you visited and can’t quite put your finger on it (website A)? But you remember another site you visited the same day (website B). So you search for website B to jump back to that specific date. It would be good if the search weren’t so rigid and let you expand or jump to that date – because you know website A is closeby to website B.

I do web design, research for academics and publications, and I love contributing to Wikipedia. This often leads me to visit 100-200+ sites/tabs a day, visiting a lot of obscure journals and records. I am also running into many caching errors lately with WordPress/Squarespace/Namecheap.

I don’t think I am alone in requesting some of these items. I think it would be great privacy and productivity features to have natively in Brave, not in an extension that tracks your history. Sorry, the last request kind of got away from me.

Hope it makes sense, let me know if you need me to clarify anything!

Yes, you are definitely not alone. What good is pages and pages of browser history if it can’t be sorted or searched? I’m new to brave and just tried to find a url that I had looked at since I joined, but quickly had to give up. I like Brave, but keep having to go back to other browsers when I run into problems like this.

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Exactly what I’m looking for, but for mobile. Only because I use my mobile for everything, and have for many years. I like Brave a lot but I want more search functionality to aid retrieval.

It would be nice to be able to browse the history a bit like in Firefox but with more precision. Instead of Today and Last 7 days, it could be Today, Yesterday, the day before, etc. or a rectangular calendar with the days on it, and the months.

The infinite scrolling just to be able to see the history from a few days ago is annoying. It should be quicker and more precise. A bit like in Firefox but better.

In the meantime I’m going to try one or two extensions (I just saw one named ‘Better History’ and another one ‘History by date’)