Improve the logic of using the report a broken site button for Brave Shields

TLDR; shouldn’t a user be able to attach an image of a screenshot taken before reporting a site broken by Shields?

The rest of this is long and demonstrates way too much over thinking it…

I must be confused about the “Report Site” button that appears when Brave Shields is turned off on a website specifically as regards the ability to check the box to include a screenshot of the site to be submitted with the report.

I don’t know how the “Report a Broken Site” reporting feature works and I have not checked into it any further than what information appears when I click the “Report Site” button because the casual user should not be required to figure out anything “special” to provide feedback. I define “special” as anything that is either counter-intuitive, uncommon or that isn’t described on the face of the reporting feature itself.

Here is how I imagine the “Report a Broken Site” feature is intended to work when a user clicks the “Report Site” button by clicking the Brave icon in the toolbar on the right side of the search bar.
brave shields 1

This is apparently the area that controls Shields and provides information about the site you’re on and the ability to lower Shields or raise Shields (I like to think of it in the Star Trek: The Next Generation sense of raising and lowering shields… but I digress Number One).

And this might be where I am misunderstanding the report a broken site feature because I wouldn’t think there to be a need to report a site that wasn’t broken and I assume that in order to attribute a broken site to Shields then the site should only be broken when Shields is active and deactivating Shields restores the site’s functionality. Otherwise, wouldn’t the site be broken for some other reason than Shields?

Assuming for the sake of discussion, turning Shields off restores a site’s functionality but the “Report Site” button is only obvious when Shields is off then when a user clicks the “Report Site” button the site has returned to its functional state. Does that make sense?
brave shields down report site

If so, what purpose is served by including a screen shot of a functional site? Wouldn’t it be more relevant to show the site page when the site is broken by Shields?

Please correct me where my understanding is incorrect or my logic is flawed as I’m certain not everything (nor for that matter necessarily the majority of what I stated) is precisely accurate. Even so, it is my contention that my view of the matter is somewhat reasonable as to how other user’s might think about the point or purpose of the report a broken site feature.

If I’m not completely off base, wouldn’t it be helpful to allow a user to attach an image of a screenshot already collected (instead of a screenshot of the site as it is when reporting the broken site)? Attaching a screenshot that was collected when Shields were active (and the site was broken) could be more beneficial than a screenshot taken when Shields are down as only when Shields has been turned off does the ability to report the broken site become available.

(This, of course, assumes my logic is reasonable that it is relevant to report a site was broken by Shields only when Shields is appropriately attributed as the cause of the problem and such attribution is correct when a site returns to being functional once Shields have been turned off.)

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I didn’t get the option to include a screenshot but I am using the iOS version. Not sure if it would help if the report broken site included the url
And the Brave version etc

@aogilmore It already includes the URL of the site. And I’m sure it also collects the brave version and platform.

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I do like the idea of including a screenshot. And you’re right; the screenshot should be of the site before shields were taken down.

The problem you identify, is that the user takes shields down, before they’re given the option to report the site.

The simplest way I can think to do that, would be if Brave automatically took a screenshot, when the user taps the button and before the shields are actually taken down.

Then the user could choose to send it along with the report.

Google does this on Android. Any time you choose to submit feedback, you’re presented with a screenshot and asked if you want to include it. The screenshot was already taken, when the “Help & Feedback” option was tapped.

You can even tap on it, to highlight or black out sensitive information. Or just choose not to send it.

Of course, in Google’s case, I’m choosing to send them feedback, so I’m giving a text box to write my feedback. In Braves case, it would be nice to have a text box to explain what exactly wasn’t working. That might be helpful to whoever is trying to track down the problem.

Google also gives the user an option to include diagnostic information, if they want to be extra helpful. Brave could do that too. It would need to capture that info before shields are taken down as well. That information could include any background script errors or really, anything available in the developer/debug console of chromium.

Another option Google asks their users submitting feedback, is if they will allow Google to contact them, if they need further information. Google already knows who I am, so I don’t have to enter anything, but I wouldn’t mind supplying my contact information, in the event that a Brave developer needs something clarified or assistance debugging.

Here is a screenshot of Google’s feedback form on the Google Messages app, for reference…

Yes true I may have misread your post, you were referring to the option being added to attach a screenshot, I.e. an image

Yes, this.

Thank you for providing some validation that the way the feature currently works leaves room for improvement. It seemed so backward to me that I figured I must be missing something.

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