(How) Can we inform you about pages/content broken by Brave Shields

Hi there,

I just wanted to know in general if we have a possibility to easily let you know, when Brave Shields breaks page-content, like an embedded video-stream, we as users want to see?

One example: The video-player on Golem, see https://www.golem.de/ right at the main-page.

This could be a base for later on giving users a more fine-grained control over which content they want to allow on a webpage.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for reaching out to us.

  1. The video player on golem seems to fail when Ads/Trackers are blocked. I’ve already reached out to our Shields engineers to see if we can work around it. In the interim, while it’s not an entirely satisfying solution, you can open your Shields panel and toggle off Block ads and trackers.
  2. We actually already have a feature built into the browser that will allow users to automatically report broken websites to the team – currently in Nightly builds but will slowly be making it’s way down the release pipeline:
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Hi Mattches

Thanks for your quick reply. I was searching for exactly such a feature, you mentioned!

Glad it’s coming to help you guys, with whitelisting proper pages.

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