Improve Linux Install Instructions

I would like to see the Linux install instructions enhanced or better still there should be a Brave install package in the software repository (store) for each type of Linux.

Suggestion - add the following at top of the download/install page.

Installation instructions:
[1] Locate and run the Terminal application.
[2] In the terminal window type (or use copy & paste) the following lines of code pressing [Enter] at the end of each line.


I’m a Windows guy but thought I would try Linux so I installed Linux Mint. It came with Firefox and I also installed Chromium using a package I found in the software repository (store). I went to the Brave download page for Linux and was faced with several lines of geeky code. I had no idea of what to do to install Brave on Linux Mint. I had no prior understanding of Linux or the terminal app so it took me ages to discover how to do the installation as I had no knowledge of how to do non-store installations on Linux. The current instructions are only good for experienced Linux geeks.

I think the Linux web page actually had the word [Download] on a button - there was nothing I would call a download on the page, only text instructions.

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