Brave Rewards: mandatory verification

I read here that Brave Rewards requires mandatory verification starting with nightly 1.48.x. I can understand that to be a creator you need to be verified, but why is it necessary for a normal user to be able to make tips? I am not talking about withdrawing.
Where is the decentralisation? I am starting to think about disabling and removing rewards completely.

So this is outdated.

Why do I need to KYC?

By default, no KYC or ID-verification is required to enable and use Brave Rewards. For example, users can enable Brave Ads and earn BAT without KYC. They can also enjoy in-platform features, such as BAT tipping, without ever having to KYC. At this time, the only cases in which a user must complete KYC verification are:

  • Withdrawals: If the user would like to withdraw BAT from the platform (e.g., to an external Ethereum address or a service that permits such a function, including exchanging BAT).
  • Deposits of external BAT: If the user would like to deposit additional BAT to be used inside the Brave Rewards ecosystem (for example, depositing externally-sourced BAT to tip to creators in the Brave Rewards ecosystem)
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Maybe this post will help you understand

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No, not outdated. It’s still accurate for Release versions. You’re speaking of changes yet to come.

Don’t forget what Nightly is.

Brave Nightly is our testing and development version of Brave. The releases are updated every night and may contain bugs that can result in data loss. Nightly automatically sends us crash reports when things go wrong, allowing us to catch bugs and performance issues early, long before they get pushed into Release channel. Not recommended as a daily driver.

Basically, Nightly is a peek of things yet to come. So you’re seeing future change ahead of time while using Nightly. That doesn’t make any information elsewhere invalid, it just means you’re aware of something before it happens. Welcome to life using a testing/development app/program. You get to experience all the bugs and changes before everyone else! Unfortunately, those changes aren’t always good.

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Thank you for your reply. I still prefer brave as it is one of the best browsers in terms of respecting privacy along with libreWolf, however I do not agree with this decision and will stop using Rewards until there is more transparency.
Why use cryptocurrencies if KYC becomes mandatory even in the absence of withdrawal?
I’m beginning to think that the 2017 ICO and whitepaper were just marketing.

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